ElastaCat Reflective Safety Stretch Collar with Reflective Charm

by Elasta Cat

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ElastaCat® Reflective Safety Stretch Collar with Reflective Charm

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  • Enhanced safety with elastic design.

  • Safety release in case of entanglement.

  • Reflective material for improved visibility.

  • Adjustable sizing for perfect fit.

  • Designed to provide safety and security in everyday use and measures 10-inches long.

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Elasta Cat

Designed for outdoor hunting or indoor prowling

Less than twenty percent of cat owners use collars with their kitties. That's 80% of the domestic cat population at risk of being lost, going unseen at night or being misidentified as stray.
Secure enough to stay in placeStretchy enough to let cats slip free when neededLess than 20% of cat owners collar their cat; we are out to change thatHave a kitten? Start with Li'l Pals!Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Collars to stretch, not catch

Elastacat collars are designed for the indoor/outdoor cats in your lives. They stay secure around your cat's neck to identify them as a pet and use reflective stitching to make them visible to motorists at night, but will stretch enough to let your cat slip free if they become snagged or entangled while on one of their adventures. Whether the collar comes back with them or not, we're focused on making sure your kitty can always come home.

You're a Free Spirit

Encourage the free spirited nature of your indoor/outdoor cat by choosing products designed to keep them safe while they roam.


Prioritize your cat's safety with the innovative ElastaCat® Reflective Safety Stretch Collar, complete with a Reflective Charm that not only enhances visibility but also incorporates an elastic design for added security. Designed to adapt to your cat's movements, the collar's elastic composition allows it to expand and release your feline companion if ever entangled, ensuring their safety is never compromised. Enhance your cat's visibility during low-light situations with the collar's reflective material and accompanying charm. The reflective strands are thoughtfully woven into the collar's fabric, guaranteeing improved visibility. The collar's adjustability ensures it can fit cats with necks up to 10 inches in circumference. Achieving the perfect fit has never been simpler, thanks to the fully adjustable buckle. The buckle's flexibility allows it to be placed anywhere on the collar, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit tailored to your cat's proportions. Prioritize your cat's well-being with the ElastaCat® Reflective Safety Stretch Collar with Reflective Charm.


Reflective. Elastic.


Designed for safety and security in everyday use.