Turbo Transform It! Cat Toys

by Turbo

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Turbo® Transform It! Cat Toys
Turbo® Transform It! Cat Toys
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  • 1 toy, 4 shapes for endless playtime options.

  • Improves mental stimulation and exercise.

  • Customizable for scratching, playing and lounging.

  • Natural texture satisfied the urge to scratch.

  • Racing rattle ball included for active play.

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Give your cat endless playtime options with the Turbo® Transform It! Cat Toy! Whether your cat wants to scratch, play or lounge, the Turbo Transform It! can change into four different shapes. Each shape can be used as standalone toys or can be added to the Turbo Scratcher® for added fun. Create a completely custom toy for whatever kind of play your cat enjoys the most! Your cat will love the mental stimulation and exercise from the toy's racing rattle ball. Plus, the toy's natural texture offers a way to satisfy the urge to scratch. Add catnip for an extra boost of curiosity!


Perfect for Scratching.


Provides mental stimulation and exercise.

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Customer Reviews

Flip Little - Jul 9 2019

Mom's hands are in pain

Mom will do anything for me. Dad would, too, but he didn't want to tackle this project. She bought me this paper/cardboard/ball thing because I like this kind of ball toy, and I love paper/cardboard. The first direction is "put in the pegs." No idea how because it doesn't show/tell. Mom knew male/female pegs, and saw the holes, but the pegs didn't fit through the holes and the paper had to be pulled out of the way. Mom found the video on assembly. We watched it. Mom understood it; I'm glad. Mom had to use her pen to make the holes a bit bigger to get the pegs through from the inside towards the outside, then bring the circle around and push really REALLY hard to get the pegs to snap together. Mom ain't no spring chicken and now her arthritic hands really hurt. But I have my new toy. Mom says this assembly was worse than doing the whole house in IKEA furniture... ...I know I'm worth it.

Annie Bruce - Feb 25 2019

Helps cat groom self/mimics outside/fun toy!

I bought your Turbo Transform It! for my cat, Perry Mason. He loves it! (I got Perry from a shelter when he was 11, now he is 16.) He plays with ball every day and loves to groom himself inside the 20 optionhell roll around, scratch his back and head on the cardboard edges. The texture mimics outside dirt that cats will roll on to clean themselves, so this toy helps cats add more grooming to their already meticulous cleaning routines. I also love that the material is so natural. This is THE most unusual and thoughtful cat toy Ive ever seen. Its fun to transform into different shapes  who would have thought?!?! Such a cool & awesome invention: intriguing for humans and beneficial for cats. Thank you for caring about cats. Annie Bruce, author of Cat Be Good www.CatBeGood.com

MIm McGrath - Oct 11 2018

Cant live without !

The Turbo Scratcher is my cat Simons favorite toy. We recently moved without it by accident. I ran out in the night to get him a new one. He plays with it , scratches it, and sleeps on it. Your catnip is the most soothing to him as well. Do you sell it separately? Please let us know !