Comfort Soft Adjustable Cat Harness with 6' Leash

by Coastal

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Comfort Soft® Adjustable Cat Harness with 6' Leash

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  • All-in-one solution for safely walking cats.

  • Lightweight, breathable mesh material keeps cats cool and comfortable.

  • Step-in design makes the harness easy to put on.

  • Secure, comfortable fit with adjustable sizing from 11"-14".

  • Complete look with matching harness and leash.

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Enjoy the outdoors with your feline friend using the Comfort Soft® Adjustable Cat Harness with 6' Leash! This harness is designed to keep your cat cool and comfortable while strolling, thanks to its lightweight and breathable mesh material. The innovative design ensures that leash pressure is evenly distributed across the neck and shoulders, offering gentle control. The harness is adjustable to provide a secure and comfortable fit for your cat. The neck adjusts from 7" to 10", the girth from 11" to 14", and it's suitable for cats weighing between 8-10 lbs. The step-in style design makes it easy to put on, even for the fussiest of cats. This harness/leash combo not only offers functionality but also style. The 6' leash length provides your cat with the freedom to explore safely during your outdoor adventures. Choose your favorite vibrant color and enhance your cat's outdoor experiences with this harness and leash combo!


Breathable Mesh. Adjustable.


Ideal for walking cats and everyday use.