Turbo Catnip Oil Spray

by Turbo

Turbo® Catnip Oil Spray

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  • Provides the same energizing effects of catnip without making a mess.

  • Can be used on your cat's favorite toys and scratchers.

  • Convenient 1 oz. spray bottle to easily replenish catnip scent.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

  • Maximum effects when used with Turbo® by Coastal® Scent Locker Cat Toys.

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Tired of the catnip chaos? Enter Turbo® by Coastal® Catnip Oil Spray – the ultimate solution to all your catnip-related dilemmas! This ingenious spray offers all the exhilarating effects of catnip without the dreaded mess. Simply apply the catnip spray directly onto your feline friend's beloved toys and scratchers, instantly elevating playtime into a thrilling adventure. Alternatively, pair it with our Turbo® by Coastal® Scent Locker Cat Toys, specially designed to capture and retain the catnip oil spray for an extended sensory experience. Say goodbye to scattered catnip and hello to hours of energetic fun for your cat! Turbo® by Coastal® Catnip Oil Spray is your ticket to boosting your cat's vitality without the fuss. Make playtime extraordinary and keep your kitty entertained with this mess-free, cat-approved essential. Grab your Turbo® by Coastal® Catnip Oil Spray today and let the good times roll!




Less mess catnip oil spray. Quality guaranteed.