Turbo Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy

by Turbo

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Turbo® Catnip Hurricane™ Cat Toy

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  • Double the fun with two rounded ball race tracks.

  • Holds catnip neatly in its center to reduce mess.

  • Amplifies the energizing scent of catnip by generating air currents.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

  • Provides engaging mental stimulation.

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Elevate your cat's playtime to an exciting new level with the Turbo® by Coastal® Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy, a captivating and innovative toy designed to provide endless entertainment for your feline friend. This impressive 16-inch toy features not one, but two rounded race tracks and two balls, doubling the fun for your cat. But that's not all; it also holds catnip in its center, releasing the enticing scent of catnip into the air as your cat plays. The steady air currents created by the toy help to distribute the catnip scent throughout the room, amplifying the energizing effects of catnip on your cat. This means more active and exhilarating playtime sessions for your pet and more enjoyment for everyone involved. The Turbo® by Coastal® Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy is the perfect addition to your cat's playtime routine, ensuring that they stay engaged and entertained for hours on end. Watch as your cat races, pounces, and explores this stimulating toy, providing both physical and mental exercise to keep them happy and healthy.




Perfect for active and engaged cat play.