Turbo Replacement Twinkle Ball

by Turbo

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Turbo® Replacement Twinkle Ball™

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The Turbo® Replacement Twinkle Ball™ lights up as it rolls and pairs with your feline's favorite Turbo cat toys. Read complete description

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Light up your cat's playful side with the Turbo® Replacement Twinkle Ball™! This ball toy features a motion-activated light for added stimulation during playtime. Send it racing around the Turbo Scratcher, Star Chaser, Mega Turbo, Hurricane or Cyclone cat toys for hours of fun and exercise!

  • Added stimulation during playtime with its motion-activated light.

  • Pairs with the Turbo Scratcher, Star Chaser, Mega Turbo, Hurricane or Cyclone cat toys.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

  • Provides engaging mental stimulation.


For use with the Turbo Scratcher, Star Chaser, Mega Turbo, Hurricane or Cyclone cat toys.

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Customer Reviews

patty barrett - Mar 21 2016

twinkle ball

my cats love this toy but lose interest when ball stops lighting up can't find a replacement light up ball that fits. my only complaint is i bought a second star chaser and the ball only lite up for a month, should have replacement balls available or balls that you can replace the battery.

Krissy McCartney - Apr 9 2017

twinkle ball

Pet Supplies Plus No longer carries them. They Discontinued them. They only had 4 balls at Christmas time, that was the last and only time they had any . I bought 2 of them but gave one away. Why can't we order them through you. would be easier that driving all over the place only to find out they don't have them . I have 3 turbo scratchers 2 which have the twinkle balls in them , they are over a year old and still light up. My kids Love them !!! Excellent for all ages !!I have 34 cats ages range from 17 years to 6 months all strays and rescues .So when I find a toy that they enjoy I truly let people know !!

Joy Wolfe - Feb 21 2018

Twinkle Ball

Yep!! Our cats LOVE the ball, but I can't find any...even at places where they sell the turbo scratcher. Actually, mine didn't necessarily stop lighting up...the cats got crazy and knocked the ball out of the scratcher.. I can't find it!! :( Can't we order from you directly?