Cat Leash with E-Z Snap

by Coastal

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Cat Leash with E-Z Snap®

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  • Easily attaches to collars and harnesses with patented, one-handed E-Z Snap.

  • Durable nylon prevents fraying for long-lasting use.

  • Fade-resistant colors maintain beauty over time.

  • 6' length provides ample distance for cats to explore safely.

  • Classic colors pair with your favorite cat collar and harness.

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Grant your feline friend the freedom to explore safely with the Cat Leash with E-Z Snap® – a leash designed to simplify the process and ensure a secure connection, even with finicky cats. This leash features a patented one-handed E-Z Snap, making it a breeze to attach to your cat's collar or harness. No more struggling or wrestling with a resistant cat – the E-Z Snap streamlines the process, allowing for quick and hassle-free attachment. Your cat will have plenty of room to roam with the generous 6' leash length, giving them the space they need to explore while you maintain control. Plus, the durable nylon material is specially engineered to prevent fraying, ensuring long-lasting use and reliability. Select from a range of classic and fade-resistant colors that suit your style and begin your adventures with your cat. Enjoy outdoor walks, exploration, and quality bonding time with your feline companion, all made easier with the Cat Leash with E-Z Snap®.


E-Z Snap®. Made in America.


For everyday use to safely walk cats.