Behavior Coach

by Coastal

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Behavior Coach™

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  • Interrupts barking, jumping, chasing, stealing and other poor house manners

  • Quick burst of short air to distract from unwanted behavior

  • Humane training tool

  • Puts focus on distraction and rewarding positive behavior

  • Quality Guaranteed

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Behavior Coach

Get back in the game!

Even though training should be positive, Behavior Coach is not a toy and is not recommended for use with puppies or overly anxious dogs. For safety, it should never be pointed directly at a dog or any part of your own body.
Gets your dogs attention by playing to its natural intinctsFocus on positive reinforcementHumane training toolBreak poor behavior before it's a habitCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

M.V.P = Most Valuable Pet

A great coach brings out the best in their team on the court. But what do you do at home when your MVP’s behavior is a challenge? Behavior Coach is the humane way to quickly stop unwanted pet behaviors. Retrain your dog’s behavior naturally by activating Behavior Coach. The quick hiss mimics the natural warning sounds that cats and other animals make to ward off potential predators. This interrupts dogs' actions and allows you to retrain their poor manners like barking and jumping up.

You want Complete Care

Caring for your dog is about the basic essentials of feeding and grooming, but it's also about tackling issues as they arise. Coastal Pet offers an array of solutions for walking, training and safety concerns that help you maintain a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.


Behavior Coach is a highly effective and humane training tool that allows you to swiftly interrupt unwanted behaviors in your dog. With a simple burst of air, this tool distracts your furry companion from actions such as barking, jumping, chasing, or stealing food, redirecting their attention in a gentle manner. The immediate interruption provided by Behavior Coach enables you to spend less time correcting negative behaviors and more time reinforcing and praising positive actions from your MVP (most valuable pet). By focusing on positive reinforcement, you can strengthen the bond with your dog and promote desirable behaviors, creating a harmonious and well-trained pet. Embrace the effectiveness of Behavior Coach and witness how this training tool empowers you to guide your pet's behavior positively.