Coastal Figure "H" Adjustable Cat Harness

by Coastal

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Coastal® Figure "H" Adjustable Cat Harness

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  • Allows cats to explore the outdoors safely.

  • Durable snap-lock buckles are easy to secure.

  • Soft, comfortable material.

  • Adjusts from 11-18" to fit cats of all sizes.

  • Available in a variety of classic colors.

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Empower your feline friend's curiosity with the Figure "H" Adjustable Cat Harness, providing a gateway to uninhibited exploration. This harness ensures the essential security required for outdoor strolls, granting your cat the liberty to discover the world around them while remaining safe. The fusion of durable snap-lock buckles and premium polyester material guarantees optimal comfort and security, making their outdoor escapades worry-free. Versatility is a hallmark of this harness, as it seamlessly adjusts from 11 to 18 inches, catering to cats of various sizes. Complementing your cat's individual style, a range of timeless color options allows you to harmonize their attire with their unique personality.


Curved, snap-lock buckle. Adjustable.


Ideal for walking cats and everyday use.