Comfort Soft Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness

by Comfort Soft

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Comfort Soft® Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness
Comfort Soft® Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness

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  • Lightweight, breathable mesh material keeps dogs cool and comfortable.

  • Adjusts to fit girths 11" to 36" for a perfect fit on all dogs.

  • Easy to put on with step-in style design.

  • Variety of classic colors available.

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Cut down the heat on your next dog walk with the Comfort Soft® Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness! The breathable, lightweight mesh material keeps dogs cool on walks and helps prevent overheating. Its adjustable design ensures the perfect fit for added comfort. Plus, the step-in style design eliminates the frustration of dogs backing out of the harness. Dual metal D-rings provide extra control while walking, while the wraparound design ensures gentle guidance. Choose from a variety of classic colors and keep your dog cool on your next walk! When using a harness, it is essential to never leave your dog unsupervised. Our harnesses may be strong but they are not indestructible and should only be used when going on walks before being promptly taken off afterwards.


Breathable Mesh. Adjustable. Bright Colors. Step-In Design.


Ideal for everyday use by dogs of all sizes.