Size Right Adjustable Dog Harness

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Size Right® Adjustable Dog Harness
Size Right® Adjustable Dog Harness
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  • Completely adjustable to provide a secure, comfortable fit.

  • Over-the-head design eliminates the frustration of dogs backing out of harness.

  • Prevents leashes from entangling dogs with swivel o-ring.

  • Easy to snap around dog's center with secure snap-lock buckle.

  • Sized to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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Get a harness that's easy to place on your dog with the Size Right® Adjustable Dog Harness! This nylon harness is designed to eliminate the frustration of dogs backing out of the harness. Putting it on is easy: Simply place it over your dog's head and snap the easy snap-lock buckle around your dog's center. Plus, the figure 8 style allows you to adjust for the perfect fit. Your dog can move freely without becoming entangled in the leash thanks to the swivel o-ring. Choose your favorite color and use this harness on your next walk!


Adjustable. Bold, Classic Colors.


Ideal for everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

Becky - Nov 16 2017

Best harness ever

This will be our 3rd Size Right harness, NOT because they've worn out, but for different pets. They are the easiest harness to put on of all the different ones we've tried.

Wendi viglione - Oct 2 2016

the best harness

I bought this for my American cocker spaniel because he was strong and a squirmer. I used it for his short 8 years in our lives. You set the size and slip over the head, wrap around middle and click, you are on. The leash ring system will never break. I now have my two 4 month old American Cocker Spaniels in them and still in love with the product. My only con is the color choices. I have 2 girls and black, red, or blue really don't cut it for me. Years ago I saw purple and green but not for a very long time now. Really want pink ones for my girls. How about some updated colors guys!!!!

Sam - May 17 2016

Excellent Product

Not only is it simply designed but also very effective. I have tried many different designed harnesses and they all had one thing in common, my dog could slip out of them but pulling back and lifting a paw. This harness does not allow that. I have used two of these on my dog in ten years. Its a product you will not regret buying. Other dog owners have stopped me on the street and asked for the name of the company that carries it. It would be helpful to have the picture of it on your website under "Products".

Pat Higgins - Jan 10 2016

Size Right Dog Harness

About a month ago, I found Coastal Pet SIZE RIGHT Adjustable Harness. It is actually a combination collar and harness. Both of my Shih Tzus have them. I have the 3/8 width and prefer that, however it also comes in a 5/8 width. I got ours from Amazon at around $10-$12 (including shipping & handling). We absolutely love them. Weve told most of our friends who have small dogs and they have also purchased them. Oh  they come in many colors, too!