Coastal Single-Ply Dog Collar

by Coastal

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Coastal® Single-Ply Dog Collar

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The Coastal® Double-Ply Dog Collar offers long-lasting use with its durable nylon material in vibrant, fade-resistant colors. Read complete description

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Dress your dog with a classic collar like the Coastal® Single-Ply Dog Collar! This collar features durable, high-quality nylon material for long-lasting use. Comfortable for all dog breeds, this collar is easy to use with no adjustments needed. It features a metal tongue buckle with four holes to easily secure. Plus, its D-ring pairs easily with ID tags and leashes. Choose from a variety of vibrant, fade-resistant colors and give your dog a reliable collar!

  • Long-lasting use with high-quality, durable nylon material.

  • Variety of vibrant, fade-resistant colors.

  • Easy to secure with metal tongue buckle.

  • Metal D-ring easily attaches ID tags and leashes.

  • Great dog collar for all dog breeds.


Ideal for everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

Patricia Law - Jun 1 2016

Coastal single-ply nylon dog collar

Our dog, Samantha, has had this collar since we adopted her from the shelter in 2009. The collar is still in good condition, showing little signs of wear but she needs a new, fresh collar. We will definitely buy another Coastal Single-Ply Nylon collar for her. I'm just sad that our local pet stores don't carry them, because we try to purchase all of our pet products at our local indepenedent natural-foods pet store. A great product!!!

Jacquelyn Copeland - Jun 7 2018

Coastal Sigle Ply Collar

I love Coastal products. I had a Blueberry set of collar, harness, and leash for my new pup, Chloe, who is now almost two years old. Because the Blueberry harness is not adjustable from the neck to the underside of the dog, it no longer fit her. I like how Coastal products are adjustable on each strap. That's why Chloe, one of three dachshunds, got a new set. Coastal products used to be carried in the local pet stores, but no longer. I like to support the local businesses, but when they aren't smart enough to carry Coastal, I am forced to go elsewhere. Good for Coastal; too bad for Petco and Petsmart.

Randy - Dec 18 2019

Coastal Single Ply Collar

Our Cooper, a 100 lb, GS and Cattle Dog mix, has had this collar for years -- he only wears it when we are outside either on a leash for a neighborhood walk or someplace he can run free. The letters and numbers are worn off his tags but his large red Coastal collar is still going strong -- However, it is plenty discolored. He is very attached to that collar and we want to get him a new one just like it but cant find a place to buy one. I don't remember where we bought the one he wears now. I was hoping I could buy it online here but I guess not - or I couldn't figure out how. Great collar -- wouldn't have any other -- If we can't find a source he will just keep his old one- Thanks for the collar but not for the availablitly