Train Right! Dog Treat Bag

by Coastal

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Train Right!® Dog Treat Bag

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  • Waterproof, stain-resistant and machine washable.

  • Drawstring secures treats.

  • Easily reward dog for positive behavior.

  • Includes convenient key clip.

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Experience convenience and efficiency during dog training sessions with the Train Right Dog Treat Bag! This versatile bag is designed to make rewarding your furry friend a breeze. With a clasp for easy attachment to your clothing, you can keep the treat bag within arm's reach at all times, allowing quick access to rewards whenever your dog exhibits positive behavior. Additionally, the bag includes a clip to hang your keys, ensuring all your essentials stay organized while you focus on training. The drawstring feature securely holds treats within the bag, preventing any spills or messes. No need to fumble around for treats – with the Train Right Dog Treat Bag, rewarding your dog becomes swift and straightforward.


For instant reward during dog training.