Bergan Stack-n-Stor Food Storage

by Bergan

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Bergan® Stack-n-Stor Food Storage

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  • Practical and convenient storage option.

  • Efficient stackable design.

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Features BPA free, durable plastic.

  • Easily access food while stacked.

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Experience the convenience and benefits of the Stack-n-Stor Food Storage system, a solution that simplifies pet food management in multiple ways. Designed to safeguard your pet's food from both animals and insects, this storage unit ensures that the food remains uncontaminated and free from unwanted access. Its thoughtful design also allows you to invest in larger bags of pet food without the need to retain the original bag, streamlining your storage solutions. Additionally, by containing the pet food within the Stack-n-Stor, it effectively minimizes the dispersion of odors often associated with pet food storage. This system is adept at preserving the freshness of your pet's food while creating a barrier against adverse weather conditions. Offering easy access for scooping or pouring, this storage unit features a stackable design that maintains accessibility to the opening for convenient food retrieval. Embrace a more organized, odor-free, and accessible approach to storing your pet's food with the Stack-n-Stor Food Storage.


Helps keep pet food fresh.