Bergan Comfort Hanging Dog Booster

by Bergan

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Bergan® Comfort Hanging Dog Booster
Bergan® Comfort Hanging Dog Booster
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  • Comfortable containment

  • Easy to install

  • Adjustable for different heights

  • Front zipper storage pocket

  • Two side storage pockets

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Pet Booster Seats are a great way to contain your pet while offering them a "clear view" of the road ahead. The Comfort Hanging Booster is quick to install, easy to adjust and offers a soft interior for a comfortable ride. The Hanging Booster features comfortable containment, dedicates a dog seat to reduce driving distractions, adjustable for different heights, washable comfort pad, adjustable tether strap, front zipper storage pockets and holds up to 30 pounds.


Dedicated dog seat to help reduce driving distractions.

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Customer Reviews

Jackie H - Aug 30 2019

Very Nice!

This booster seat is just what my 15-pound boston terrier needed. Now that she can see around her, she stays in the booster and does not become a driver distraction. For a 15-pound dog I plan to replace the cardboard floor with something a bit more sturdy (i.e., cork, masonite, plywood, heavier cardboard) and to sew some velcro tabs to keep the soft liner in place more effectively. A great product!

HJMcK - May 2 2017

Nice car seat:)

The car seat is 'nice', and I do recommend it, but I only gave 3 stars because the plush liner needs to be thicker / better quality, and it also needs more 'attachments' to the seat itself. It pulls down / out of place when the dog moves. Also, it should have a better quality tether. My puppy is 4 months old (a toy poodle) and he has managed to chew almost clear through the safety tether. Hopefully one can purchase a replacement! The whole purpose of these seats is to provide a safe place for our puppies/dogs and reduce driving distraction, so I can't be yanking him off the tether every 2 minutes. Otherwise a great seat, and I highly recommend. Once through the puppy stage, I'm sure things will improve.

Kaci - Feb 6 2017


I purchased this booster for my 4 pound yorkie a few weeks ago. Its perfect! She always wants to see out the windows and now she can. Its a perfect size and is super comfy for her. There is plenty of room for her to lay down as well. Easy to remove when needed!