Bergan Comfort Hanging Dog Booster

by Bergan

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Bergan® Comfort Hanging Dog Booster

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Our Comfort Hanging Booster provides comfortable containment for your pets when traveling. Read complete description

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Pet Booster Seats are a great way to contain your pet while offering them a "clear view" of the road ahead. The Comfort Hanging Booster is quick to install, easy to adjust and offers a soft interior for a comfortable ride. The Hanging Booster features comfortable containment, dedicates a dog seat to reduce driving distractions, adjustable for different heights, washable comfort pad, adjustable tether strap, front zipper storage pockets and holds up to 30 pounds.

  • Comfortable containment

  • Easy to install

  • Adjustable for different heights

  • Front zipper storage pocket

  • Two side storage pockets

  • Washable comfort pad

  • Dedicated dog seat to reduce driving distractions


Dedicated dog seat to help reduce driving distractions.

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Customer Reviews

Kaci - Feb 6 2017


I purchased this booster for my 4 pound yorkie a few weeks ago. Its perfect! She always wants to see out the windows and now she can. Its a perfect size and is super comfy for her. There is plenty of room for her to lay down as well. Easy to remove when needed!

HJMcK - May 2 2017

Nice car seat:)

The car seat is 'nice', and I do recommend it, but I only gave 3 stars because the plush liner needs to be thicker / better quality, and it also needs more 'attachments' to the seat itself. It pulls down / out of place when the dog moves. Also, it should have a better quality tether. My puppy is 4 months old (a toy poodle) and he has managed to chew almost clear through the safety tether. Hopefully one can purchase a replacement! The whole purpose of these seats is to provide a safe place for our puppies/dogs and reduce driving distraction, so I can't be yanking him off the tether every 2 minutes. Otherwise a great seat, and I highly recommend. Once through the puppy stage, I'm sure things will improve.

Jackie H - Aug 30 2019

Very Nice!

This booster seat is just what my 15-pound boston terrier needed. Now that she can see around her, she stays in the booster and does not become a driver distraction. For a 15-pound dog I plan to replace the cardboard floor with something a bit more sturdy (i.e., cork, masonite, plywood, heavier cardboard) and to sew some velcro tabs to keep the soft liner in place more effectively. A great product!

Horatio.Nancy - Jan 29 2020


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