Pro Waterproof Leash

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Pro Waterproof Leash
Pro Waterproof Leash

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  • Durable, waterproof coated webbing for outdoor fun.

  • Avoids absorbing moisture, dirt or bacteria.

  • Easy-to-clean design.

  • Odor-proof features for freshness.

  • Bright colors coordinate with Pro Waterproof Harnesses and Pro Waterproof Collars.

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Embark on outdoor adventures with your furry companion using the reliable and durable Pro Waterproof Leash! Crafted with waterproof coated webbing, this dog leash ensures that your canine can freely swim without absorbing moisture, dirt, or bacteria. Keep your dog feeling fresh and comfortable during water activities, and easily clean the leash to maintain its pristine condition. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors, as the Pro Waterproof Leash features odor-proof material, ensuring your pet remains fresh and clean even after outdoor excursions. Choose from a vibrant array of bold and bright colors, reflecting the adventurous spirit of your dog. With the Pro Waterproof Leash, you can confidently explore nature's wonders together, knowing your loyal companion is equipped with a reliable and practical leash designed for their comfort and safety.


Waterproof. Bright Colors.


Perfect for active and adventurous dogs.