Rascals 3.25" Latex Cow Dog Toy

by Rascals

Rascals® 3.25" Latex Cow Dog Toy

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  • Made of natural latex, this toy is non-toxic and safe for dog's mouths

  • Durable contruction for long-lasting entertainment

  • Includes a squeaker for especially enjoyable playtime

  • Soft and flexible to the touch, perfect for dogs of all ages from teething puppies to seniors

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee

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Introducing the Rascals® by Coastal®3.25" Latex Cow Dog Toy - the ultimate natural pick for puppies and dogs! Crafted with expert care, this toy provides the perfect level of firmness, ensuring a satisfying chewing experience that promotes good oral health and endless engagement. Safety is a top priority, and the toy boasts an inline squeaker, delivering secure and delightful playtime moments to keep your pet mooooving. Committed to your pet's well-being, all our dog toys are thoughtfully designed with non-toxic materials, guaranteeing worry-free play sessions. Prepare for boundless hours of playful fun and bonding as your beloved canine embraces the Rascals® by Coastal®Latex Cow Dog Toy.


Gum Stimulating.


Ideal for everyday use. Pet must be supervised while playing with toys. If toy becomes damaged, discard immediately.