Turbo Scratcher Catnip Ball

by Turbo

Turbo® Scratcher Catnip Ball

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  • Long-lasting compressed North American catnip gives added boost to playtime.

  • Multiple textures entice cats to play.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

  • Increases mental stimulation.

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Unleash your cat's playful instincts with Turbo® by Coastal® Compressed Catnip Toys! These toys are designed to captivate your feline's attention and provide hours of amusement. The enduring compressed catnip within these toys promotes mental stimulation and physical exercise, ensuring your cat's well-being. Enhanced by an assortment of engaging textures and potent North American catnip, these toys offer a source of entertainment for both your cat and your family. Select your preferred shape from either the bird or ball design to infuse a dash of excitement into playtime. With Turbo® by Coastal® Compressed Catnip Toys, you're inviting enriching play and shared moments of delight into your cat's life.




Provides mental stimulation and exercise.