Turbo Turbo Tail Popper Cat Toy

by Turbo

Turbo® Turbo Tail™ Popper Cat Toy

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  • Brings out playfulness in cats for long-lasting fun.

  • Engages cats' hunting instincts with its life-like flying tail.

  • Engaging design.

  • Provides mental stimulation.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

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Capture your cat's attention and provide endless entertainment with the Turbo® by Coastal® Turbo Tail Popper! This interactive toy is designed to ignite your cat's playfulness with its enticing feathery tail. As your cat bats at the toy, the tail flies, creating an extra element of excitement and stimulation. Watch with delight as your feline friend stays active, engaged, and taps into their natural hunting instinct while playing with the Turbo Tail Popper. This interactive toy is the perfect way to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle. Embrace the joy of seeing your cat immersed in playful activities, and provide them with an outlet for their instincts and energy. The Turbo® by Coastal® Turbo Tail Popper is the ultimate companion for interactive play, ensuring your beloved feline remains entertained and content for hours on end.


Fun, engaging shapes..


Encourages exercise and playfulness in cats.