Turbo Telescoping Teaser with Crinkle Tail

by Turbo

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Turbo® Telescoping Teaser with Crinkle Tail

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  • Crinkle ball and feathery boa provide sensory stimulation and trigger your cat's hunting instincts

  • Extendable up to 39" allowing you to lead your cats on a longer chase

  • Collapsible for easy storage in between play sessions

  • Two styles of replacement tails are available

  • More rewarding than a laser pointer as cats can catch the crinkle ball or boa in their mouth or with their paws

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Unleash your cat's innate instincts with the Turbo® by Coastal® Telescoping Teaser with Crinkle Tail, a dynamic toy designed to captivate your feline friend's attention. With its telescoping feature, this teaser can extend up to an impressive 39" in length, ideal for creating a thrilling play experience in spacious areas that allow your cat to fully engage and run freely. The lure attached to this teaser is a crinkle ball combined with a feathery boa tail, offering your cat multiple sources of sensory stimulation. The tantalizing crinkle ball and the enticing feathers work in harmony to engage your kitty's natural curiosity and hunting instincts. Whether you're slithering it across the floor or introducing it in the yard, anticipate your cat to eagerly give chase, making playtime an interactive and exhilarating adventure. Indulge your feline's need for physical activity and mental engagement with the Turbo® by Coastal® Telescoping Teaser with Crinkle Tail.


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