Turbo Turbo Tail Telescoping Teaser Cat Toy

by Turbo

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Turbo® Turbo Tail™ Telescoping Teaser Cat Toy

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  • Brings out playfulness in cats for long-lasting fun.

  • Engages cats' hunting instincts with its life-like flying tail.

  • Retracts for compact storage.

  • Provides mental stimulation.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

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Delight your feline friend with endless entertainment using the Turbo® by Coastal® Turbo Tail Telescoping Teaser! This interactive toy is designed to engage your cat's playfulness, featuring a captivating feathery tail that stimulates their hunting instincts. As your cat bats at the toy, the tail gracefully flies around, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime. Watch your furry companion stay active and engaged, thoroughly enjoying their instinctual pursuit of fun. When playtime is over, simply retract the teaser for compact and convenient storage. Keep your cat happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated with the Turbo® by Coastal® Turbo Tail Telescoping Teaser, providing hours of entertainment and joyous moments for you and your beloved feline companion.


Fun, engaging shapes..


Encourages exercise and playfulness in cats.