Turbo Turbo Tail Telescoping Teaser Cat Toy

by Turbo

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Turbo® Turbo Tail™ Telescoping Teaser Cat Toy

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The Turbo® Turbo Tail™ Telescoping Teaser keeps cats active and playful with its lifelike flying tail and engaging design. Read complete description

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Entertain your cat for hours with the Turbo® Turbo Tail™ Telescoping Teaser! This interactive toy stimulates playfulness in cats with their fun feathery tail. As your cat bats the toy around, the tail flies for added fun. Your cat will love staying active and tapping into its natural hunting instinct. Then retract it for compact storage.

  • Brings out playfulness in cats for long-lasting fun.

  • Engages cats' hunting instincts with its life-like flying tail.

  • Retracts for compact storage.

  • Provides mental stimulation.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.


Fun, engaging shapes..


Encourages exercise and playfulness in cats.

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