Water & Woods Adjustable Reflective Dog Collar

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Adjustable Reflective Dog Collar

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  • 3M® reflective material visible up to 600 feet

  • Adjustable to ensure you get the right fit for your pooch

  • Patterns and colors reflect outdoor sport scenery

  • Comfortable enough for everyday use

  • Collar features a snap-lock open and closing for easy removal

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Put your worries to rest during dusk or dawn walks with the Water and Woods® Reflective Adjustable Collar – the ultimate solution for ensuring your dog's visibility and safety in low-light conditions. This reflective collar is specially designed to provide enhanced visibility, making it ideal for outdoor adventures during dimly lit times of day. The collar's light-catching 3M® material is truly remarkable, allowing it to be seen from up to 600 feet away. This feature ensures that passing motorists and pedestrians can spot your dog easily, reducing the risk of accidents during nighttime walks. Beyond its reflective properties, this collar also prioritizes your dog's comfort. The unique curved, snap-lock buckle offers added comfort, ensuring that your pooch enjoys every step of your jaunts together. Invest in the Water and Woods® Reflective Adjustable Collar, and embark on safe and enjoyable walks with your furry friend, no matter the time of day.


Reflective. Adjustable. Plastic Buckle.


Ideal for everyday use. Great for low light environments. Do not use for tie-outs.