Water & Woods Braided Rope Dog Slip Leash

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Braided Rope Dog Slip Leash

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  • Made of soft braided rope that feels good in your hand and on your dog's neck

  • Durable material is so flexible it can be folded and put into your pocket

  • Great for quick trips and on-the-go fun

  • Leather slides allow you to create a collar to fit any size neck

  • Fashionable rope design with leather-like accents adds style to your daily walks

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Combining the benefits of a collar and a leash, the Water and Woods® Braided Rope Slip Leash offers a versatile solution. It's a seamless match for crate transfers, field trials, and particularly for dogs that prefer not to wear a collar constantly. Crafted from a gentle yet durable braided rope, this slip leash provides optimal comfort and functionality. Its effortless application and removal make it ideal for various situations. While its soft construction ensures a comfortable fit, its sturdiness allows for subtle corrections during walks. Whether you're navigating crate transfers, engaging in field trials, or accommodating skittish dogs, this leash serves as a versatile tool. Experience the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, and control with the Water and Woods® Braided Rope Slip Leash.


Heavy Duty.


Ideal for field trails and crate transfers.