Water & Woods Reflective Dog Leash

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Reflective Dog Leash

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  • Reflective 3M® material is visible up to 600 feet away

  • Easy-to-use bolt swivel snap prevents tangling

  • Sturdy and comfortable enough for everyday use

  • Pairs with the Water and Woods® Adjustable Reflective Dog Collar

  • Backed by Coastal Pet's Quality Guarantee

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Say goodbye to concerns about your pup's visibility during dawn and dusk walks with the remarkable Reflective Dog Leash from Water and Woods®. Crafted using top-notch 3M® reflective material employed by safety professionals, this leash ensures your furry companion remains easily spotted from distances of up to 600 feet away. You can now enjoy walks with enhanced peace of mind, knowing that passing drivers and pedestrians can see your dog clearly. For a perfect match, pair the Reflective Dog Leash with the Water and Woods® Adjustable Reflective Dog Collar, further amplifying your pet's visibility and safety during outdoor adventures. Embrace the added security and enjoy your walks to the fullest, even during low-light conditions, with this exceptional duo from Water and Woods®.




Ideal for everyday use. Great for low-light environments.