Water & Woods Dog Chest Protector

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Dog Chest Protector

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  • Protects from cuts, scratches, and skin irritation from contact with briars, thorns, and sharp branches

  • Provides ultimate protection with no restriction to your dog's movement

  • Available in highly visible safety orange and yellow nylon material

  • Straps on side of vest add extra measure of safety

  • Durable hook and loop closures adjust for the perfect fit and keep vest intact even in heavy cover

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Ensure your pet’s safety and comfort with the Water and Woods® Chest Protector, a reliable solution to protect their sensitive underbelly. Say goodbye to concerns about briars and thorns, as this vest acts as a barrier, safeguarding your dog's stomach and chest from potential scratches and cuts while they roam freely in rough, overgrown fields and wooded areas. The bright fabric further enhances visibility, providing high visibility even in dim lighting conditions. With the Water and Woods® Chest Protector, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet can explore and play with greater confidence and security, making every outdoor adventure a fun and safe experience.


Heavy Duty.


Use to protect dogs in rough, overgrown fields and wooded areas.