Water & Woods Tethered-Head Foam Fowl Dog Trainer

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods® Tethered-Head Foam Fowl Dog Trainer

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  • Range extender at the end of the trainer allows you to get a farther, more accurate throw

  • Constructed to float in water so you can train at the marsh, swamp or lake

  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting through extensive training exercises

  • Can be paired with training scents for a more realistic training experience

  • Good for hunting dogs that need fowl retrieval training

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Elevate your dog's retrieving skills to championship levels, be it on a hunting expedition or a playful day by the backyard pool, with the Water and Woods® Tethered-Head Foam Fowl Trainer. Designed to mimic the lifelike feel and weight of game birds, this trainer facilitates proper retrieval, carrying, and holding techniques for your canine companion. Buoyant and tear-resistant, it is crafted to endure rigorous training sessions, ensuring exceptional durability. Your dog will quickly grasp the art of retrieving with this top-notch trainer, gaining confidence and proficiency like a true champion. Whether in water or on land, this versatile tool will aid your furry friend in honing their abilities, making every training session a rewarding and successful experience.


Floats. Life-like.


Use for fowl retrieval training.