Water & Woods Waterproof Hound Dog Collar with Center Ring

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Waterproof Hound Dog Collar with Center Ring

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  • Center ring construction helps your dog untangle himself from obstructions

  • Helps make water retrievals less work at the end of the day

  • Made with odor resistant material to cut down on musty, post-swim smells

  • Ideal for hard-working water retrieval and hunting dogs

  • Backed by Coastal Pet's Quality Guarantee

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The Water and Woods® Waterproof Hound Dog Collar with Center Ring is the ideal choice for dogs who lead an active and adventurous lifestyle, especially those who love the water. Crafted with high-quality waterproof material, this collar is designed to withstand lake and river swims, ensuring it remains in top condition despite constant exposure to moisture. In addition to its waterproof feature, the collar is also resistant to oil, sweat, and odors, keeping it fresh and odor-free even after intense activities. One exceptional safety feature of this collar is its unique design that allows it to turn over. This design provides an added layer of security, enabling your dog to slip free if accidentally caught on an object, preventing any potential hazards. Invest in the Water and Woods® Waterproof Hound Dog Collar with Center Ring, and offer your adventurous pup the ultimate collar that combines durability, safety, and comfort.


Waterproof. Metal Buckle.


Ideal for dogs who water retrieve.