Water & Woods Reflective Dog Safety Vest

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Reflective Dog Safety Vest

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  • Bright orange coloring ensures your dog is seen day or night

  • Reflective strips provide extra visibility

  • Lightweight design that is also water resistant

  • Comfortable, adjustable fit does not restrict movement

  • Backed by Coastal Pet's Quality Guarantee

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The Water and Woods® Reflective Dog Safety Vest is a must-have accessory for responsible pet owners who frequently venture out with their dogs during low-light conditions. These vibrant orange vests are designed with safety in mind, ensuring that your furry companion remains visible and easily identifiable even in dimly lit surroundings. Equipped with strategically placed reflective strips, the vest brilliantly reflects light, creating an unmistakable glow that draws attention to your dog. This high-visibility feature is crucial in preventing accidents and ensuring that your pet is never mistaken for any other animal, especially during dusk or nighttime outings. With the Water and Woods® Reflective Dog Safety Vest, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is protected and easily seen, no matter the lighting conditions.




Ideal for use when hunting.