Water & Woods Dog Whistle with Pea

by Water & Woods

Water & Woods™ Dog Whistle with Pea

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  • Easily call your dog when just about anywhere outdoors

  • Great for use in wet environments that can dampen sounds

  • Designed not to freeze so you can use it in cold weather

  • Traditional shape is easy for just about anyone to use

  • Features pea component that vibrates against the cavity of the whistle to produce a loud rolling shrill tone

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When it comes to collaborating with your hunting or retriever dog in outdoor settings, a powerful whistle is indispensable. The Water and Woods® Dog Whistle with Pea fulfills this necessity, producing a resounding, cascading shrill that resonates effectively across marshes and expansive fields. This whistle proves particularly advantageous for owners of Pointers and Spaniels. Engineered with a freeze-proof pea, it remains functional even in cold weather conditions. For those engaged in outdoor pursuits, this whistle stands as an essential tool, fostering seamless communication and steadfast guidance for your skilled canine companions amidst various terrains and climates. Elevate your field experiences with the Water and Woods® Dog Whistle with Pea, a reliable partner in your hunting and retrieving endeavors.




Use for training and alert dog to return to you.