Water & Woods Dog Training Scents

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Dog Training Scents

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  • Can be used to jump-start your scent training program

  • Designed to teach your dog how to recognize scents quickly

  • Concentrated formula is made strong for maximum effectiveness

  • Can be used with training dummies or scent bands

  • Available in multiple scents to match your hunting plans

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The significance of Water and Woods® Training Scents goes beyond just a whiff. Formulated with a potent concentration that emulates the fragrance of crucial prey animals, these training scents hold paramount importance in instructing your novice canine companion to harness their olfactory prowess. Whether it's retrieving, tracking, or scent-oriented exercises, these scents prove to be a pinnacle tool. Water and Woods® Training Scents are asily administered onto training dummies or scent bands. With these scents at your disposal, you're equipped with a powerful aid to cultivate your dog's sensory abilities. These training scents are more than just smells – they are a roadmap to your dog's skill enhancement.


Made in America.


Use to train dogs to pick up scents.