Did you know that 67% of cat owners purchase toys for their pet?

It's true! According to the APPA, the number of cat owners who purchased toys for their cat rose from 59% in 2018. The majority of those toys involve catnip!

Giving dogs and cats toys to play with isn't only about making them happy. Toys, and playing in general, provide our pets with a way to meet some of their most elementary needs, from the need to be physically active to staying mentally stimulated. At Coastal Pet, we want the best for our cats, which is where our Turbo by Coastal brand comes in!

Turbo offers a full assortment of toys to stop cats from scratching furniture or other destructive behavior. Interactive toys provide exercise and stimulate the natural urge to hunt, while catnip products offer extra sensory stimulation.

Learn more about a few of our favorite Turbo toys below:

Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy

Get three toys in one with the Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy! This rounded race track toy is equipped with a large scratchpad and fun spinning ball to give your cat a variety of playtime options. The race track keeps cats active, while the scratchpad helps prevent cats from damaging furniture. Replacement pads are available to ensure long-lasting use. Sprinkle the catnip included with the toy onto the scratchpad for an added boost of energy during playtime!

Turbo® Transform It! Cat Toy

Give your cat endless playtime options with the Turbo® Transform It! Cat Toy! Whether your cat wants to scratch, play or lounge, the Turbo Transform It! can change into four different shapes. Each shape can be used as standalone toys or can be added to the Turbo Scratcher® for added fun. Create a completely custom toy for whatever kind of play your cat enjoys the most! Your cat will love the mental stimulation and exercise from the toy's racing rattle ball. Plus, the toy's natural texture offers a way to satisfy the urge to scratch. Add catnip for an extra boost of curiosity!

Turbo® Cat Grooming Arch

Groom, scratch, and play all in one toy with the Turbo® Cat Grooming Arch! This cat toy features soft bristles that remove excess hair, reducing unwanted cat hair around the house. It easily attaches to the Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser to make the perfect scratch toy for preventing unwanted scratching on furniture. Plus, the dangling feather teaser toy entices cats to play. Add the Grooming Arch to your cat's favorite scratcher toys for extra fun!

Turbo® Catnip Cyclone Cat Toy

Cut the mess of catnip with the Turbo® Catnip Cyclone™ Cat Toy! The Cyclone holds catnip neatly in its center and generates steady air currents to waft the scent of catnip throughout the air. The air currents help amplify the energizing effects of catnip for your cat. The cyclone center sits within a round racetrack, making it a great toy to get your cat moving and playing Use as a standalone toy or add it to the Turbo Scratcher to create a Catnip Hurricane. To use with the Turbo Scratcher, simply insert the Cyclone into the Scratcher or Star Chaser toys. Bring home the Cyclone for your cat today!