Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

by Turbo

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Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy

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  • Rounded race track with ball encourages play and exercise.

  • Scratchpad prevents cats from damaging furniture.

  • Catnip included to boost energy during playtime.

  • Non-skid bottom prevents toy from slipping during play.

  • Replacement scratch pads available for long-lasting use.

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Give your feline friend triple the fun with the Turbo® by Coastal® Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy – the ultimate playtime delight for your cat. This innovative toy combines three engaging elements in one package. The rounded race track provides endless entertainment as your cat bats at the ball, setting it spinning around the track. It's a captivating way to keep your cat active and mentally engaged. But that's not all! The large scratchpad surrounding the track serves as a dual-purpose delight. It satisfies your cat's natural scratching instincts, keeping them away from your furniture, and also serves as a comfortable resting spot. To extend the life of this fantastic toy, replacement pads and balls are available, ensuring that your cat can enjoy it for a long time to come. For an extra boost of energy and excitement, sprinkle the included catnip onto the scratchpad, enhancing your cat's playtime experience. The Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy is the ultimate combination of fun, exercise, and satisfaction for your beloved feline companion.


Perfect for Scratching. Catnip. Made in America.


["Encourages active play and exercise in cats.","Satisfies urge to scratch."]