Stryker’s Ranking of Rascals® Toys

Coastal Pet Products’ very own Stryker Stout – Coastal’s PupLick Relations Canine – celebrated his 6th birthday on October 5. No paw-ty is complete without toys, so we took time to ask Stryker about some of his favorite Rascals® toys in celebration of his big day.

His ranking goes from toys that are “dog-gone basic” to those that are “a paw-sitively good time!”

5. Rascals Rope Toys

Ahh, the classic rope toy. No dog’s toybox is complete without one of these toys in it! “I like rope toys because they are fun to tug, chew, and shake,” said Stryker. “I can even play with them myself or with another friend.”

Rascals rope toys come in a variety of lengths, colors, and variations. For example, go big with the 26” 5 Knot Rope Tug Dog Toy, or keep it neutral with the standard Knot Rope Tug Dog Toy in 5 different lengths. There is even a knotty rope ball and braided rope stick that help promote healthy teeth and gums during play.

4. Rascals Latex Toys

As Stryker knows best – dogs can’t resist the high-pitched squeak from a squeaker toy. Rascals latex toys come in a variety of different shapes to suit any dog’s fancy. From animals to sports shapes, food, and more, there are enough Rascals latex toys to keep dogs entertained for hours.

“The latex spiny toys are a few of my favorites,” said Stryker. “The little spines feel so good on my teeth while I’m chomping away during playtime.”

All Rascals latex toys are made of natural latex that is durable yet non-toxic and safe for dog’s mouths. Since they are soft and flexible to the touch, they are good for dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors.

3. Rascals Vinyl Toys

Fun shapes for dogs of all ages plus the perfect firmness to feel while chewing? These Rascals vinyl toys are a must-have for every pup. Just like the latex toys, these vinyl toys come in a variety of different shapes, but there is one mouth-watering reason Stryker ranks these toys as a step above.

“A porch chop, jumbo hamburger, hot dog, and deluxe hamburger … these are what I crave being able to taste,” Styker dreamed. “With the Rascals vinyl toys in these food-themed shapes, it’s the closest I’ll get to sinking my teeth into the real thing!”

2. Rascals Fleec-e-Friends

If your pup enjoys all things soft, cuddly, and squeaky, then Rascals Fleec-e-Friends will check all those boxes.

“These are my favorite kind of toys for the days where I am feeling more lazy and need comfort,” Stryker said.

 Fleec-e-Friends are versatile in that they can be used outdoors or indoors, and for active play or lounging around. Dogs truly get the best of both worlds.

1. Rascals Grunt Toys

There is so much dogs love about the Rascals Grunt Toys. The bright colors, the fun animal shapes, and last but not least – the grunting sounds they make!

“There is nothing I don’t like about Grunt Toys,” said Stryker. “That’s why they are the top toy on my list!”

From pigs to a buffalo to a rhino and even an alligator, these toys are made of durable, non-toxic, biodegradable latex and the grunting sounds will bring excitement to your dog while providing you with comedic relief as well during playtime.

Well, you heard it straight from the dog’s mouth … no matter which Rascals toy you choose for your pup, they are sure to have a tail-wagging good time! Rascals toys can be found directly on our website or at a pet products retailer near you.


Happy playing!