Training Solutions for Walking and Safety

Taking your dog on a walk is a great way you both to get a daily dose of exercise. Not only does your dog get a potty break, but he is mentally stimulated and gains awareness of the neighborhood. Plus, there’s no better stress reliever than watching your pet’s eager interest and wagging tail.

In fact, according to the American Heart Association, walking your dog has numerous physical benefits for both of you, such as ensuring and maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among other ailments.

To make your daily walk a more enjoyable experience, it’s essential to find the tool that best fits your needs. This process can be confusing with so many options online or in person at stores. You want to make sure your pet feels comfortable and is safe. 

Walking Supplies

While there is no perfect, single walking tool, these 5 recommendations will help you find the ideal one for your pet. Take a look at our best walking solutions that only are not only backed by the Coastal Pet Guarantee, but have also been awarded Top Walking Supplies by Wag!


Padded Multi-Function Leash

This seven-function leash is designed to give dog owners more control and versatility that goes beyond what a standard one-function leash can offer. It transforms into a standard leash, shoulder leash, double leash, double handle leash, or temporary tie out, meeting your needs with one solution. You are also able to adjust sizing as desired, from a 3' leash, to 4' or 6'. Plus, it allows you to walk two dogs at once.

Check out all the functions in the video below:

Double-Handle Bungee Leash

Enjoying a walk with a dog obediently in-tow is a dream for pet owners. Our Double-Handle Bungee Leash is ideal for walking dogs in high-traffic areas. Featuring two durable, heavy-duty handles and bungee for gentle stopping, this leash gives dogs the freedom to roam and explore their surroundings while you have safe control of them. 

This leash provides added control and comfort to a dog walking experience, plus it's backed up with the Coastal Pet Guarantee. 

Walk Right! Harness

Do you have sore arms and shoulders after walking a dog that won't stop pulling? We could give you a massage and a heating pad… but we have a better solution. 

The Walk Right! Dog Harness prevents pulling and tugging, helping permanently end the tug-o-war struggle and return the fun to walks with your dog. Check it out:

Loops 2® Double Handle Dog Leash

A traffic leash allows you to have rapid control of your dog when needed. It's very handy for urban walking in big, crowded cities and for dogs that may be reactive or are overly friendly.

The Loops 2® Double Handle Dog Leash includes an extra handle for added control when walking in high traffic areas, allowing you to shorten the leash length and keep a tight grip. When the second handle is not needed, the leash acts as a standard leash and gives your dog the freedom to explore, making it ideal to walk in a safer area like a park.

Power Walker Retractable Leash

Well-behaved dogs have more freedom to explore, smell interesting spots, mark new locations and run on ahead. When you give your dog extra freedom, they gain self-confidence. Thanks to their good behavior, they’ve earned a little more fun and exercise, without being attached to their owner’s side. 

Our Power Walker® Dog Retractable Leash ensures secure control over your furry friend, while the reflective stitching improves visibility and safety. Maintaining control during your walk is easy with the button's smooth stop-and-release action.

You'll love the comfort-grip handle, and your dog will love the ability to run freely without becoming tangled.

To choose the best walking solutions for your dog, you’ll need to consider the best length and width, the material, but most importantly, the purpose of the product.

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