Loops 2 Double Handle Dog Leash

by Loops 2

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Loops 2® Double Handle Dog Leash

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  • Doubles as a standard walking leash and short handle traffic leash.

  • Extra handle shortens leash length and provides added control in high traffic areas.

  • Durable material for long-lasting use.

  • Available in bright, classic colors.

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Get two types of walking leashes in one with the Loops 2® Double Handle Dog Leash! This unique leash can be used as a standard walking leash or a short handle traffic leash. It includes an extra handle for added control when walking in high traffic areas, allowing you to shorten the leash length and keep a tight grip. When the second handle is not needed, the leash acts as a standard leash and gives your dog the freedom to explore. Choose your favorite color and use this leash on all of your dog walks!


Bold, Classic Colors.


A standard and traffic leash in one convenient specialty dog leash.