Adjustable Check Training Collar for Dogs

by Check Training

Adjustable Check Training Collar™ for Dogs
Adjustable Check Training Collar™ for Dogs
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  • Designed to provide comfortable, gentle training for dogs.

  • Limited-closure chain loop prevents uncomfortable tightening.

  • Soft nylon material reduces neck hair loss.

  • Adjustable design ensures a secure, comfortable fit.

  • Variety of classic, fade-resistant color options.

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Train your dog safely and gently with the Adjustable Check Training Collar™ for Dogs! This collar combines a limited-closure chain loop with soft nylon for comfortable training. The limited-closure chain loop prevents the collar from becoming too tight, while the nylon reduces the loss of neck hair. Plus, its adjustable design ensures a secure, comfortable fit. Your dog will appreciate the gentle guidance and correction this collar provides. Choose from a variety of classic colors and use this collar while training your dog!


Adjustable. Bold, Classic Colors.


Limited-closure training collar for gentle correction.

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Customer Reviews

Amy - Oct 19 2019

Best collar for fluffy northern breeds

I love this collar. I've been using it for over 15 years with my dogs. My first one was on an Alaskan Malamute I adopted. This is great that it stays loose on their neck when around the house (I jokingly call it dog pajamas), and it shortens to the appropriate size on walks so it does not slip off. Very comfortable and humane for fluffy coat dogs. I also hear some people think this type of collar should not exist. I really don't understand that because it is a smooth collar and loose fitting all day. Here's an example. My last dog was a wooly husky. A poofball. 12yr old, in a shelter 1.5yrs because he was a biter. Not an attack dog, a confused beta that didn't want anyone touching him due to a rough past. Even the person at the shelter didn't realize he had a standard collar on, because it was so tight under all that fur. Introduce Coastal Check Trainer. I could slip it on him quickly. He was all right. Grabbing the silver O ring hanging low from his neck was easy. Within days, a long time biting response to having someone reach for his neck, turned to zooming circles of joy let's go for a walk! He knew it wouldn't hurt him anymore to be on a leash. Thank you, Coastal!

Sylvia - Mar 11 2019

training collars

These are the best collars out there. I have been a dog trainer/behaviourist for over 45 years. I get the dogs that the other trainers can't handle. These collars, used correctly, will not let a dog slip out and run away. These collars, used correctly, will get your dogs attention when you want and then you can give them the love & treats they so richly deserve. I am angry that they are being banned by so many pet stores because the public thinks they are inhumane. I think the public needs to be educated and maybe if more dogs were trained the correct way they would not wind up in shelters because of bad behaviour. These collars, in my professional 45 years of experience, are the best.