Circle T Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar with Brass Hardware

by Circle T

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Circle T® Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar with Brass Hardware
Circle T® Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar with Brass Hardware

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  • Handcrafted Latigo leather maintains rich coloring and natural beauty over time.

  • Rounded design prevents rubbing and irritation for comfortable wear.

  • Brass hardware provides a polished, refined style.

  • Becomes more supple and comfortable with use.

  • Perfect for dogs with long hair or sensitive skin.

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Circle T

It gets better with age!

While most collars wear out, get stinky or fall apart over time, leather collars actually get better with age. The leather takes in natural oils that enrich the color and causes the collars and leashes to become softer and more pliable over time. Leather leashes are a favorite with trainers, because they don't slip or cause the painful brush burns that can happen from using nylon or polyester training leads.
Professional trainers recommend leather leashes Leather products actually improve over time! Coastal Pet leather products are more natural and eco-friendly. More comfortable grip and easier to hold than traditional leashes. Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

A legacy reputation dog trainers trust

The full grain, top quality leather is sourced from a company that's been specializing in leather for over 150 years. Hides are are drum dyed for consistent color saturation and the vegetable tanning method carefully processes the leather, creating a superior character in the final product. Moreover, vegetable tanning is a natural and eco-friendly process that uses a blend of tannins that includes the bark of Mimosa and Quebracho trees. The process is labor-intensive and can take up to six weeks to complete.

You're a Naturalist

The naturalist is all about a clean lifestyle. You look for simple or organic food, prefer farm to table restaurants over chains, try to keep a clear mind and your life as simple and as close to nature as possible. That includes the care of your pet. Soy and leather products from Coastal Pet are a natural approach to collars, leashes and harnesses.


Looking for a dog collar that is both strong and gentle? Look no further than the Circle T Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar with Brass Hardware! This handcrafted collar is made in America by skilled tradespeople and features a rounded design that is perfect for dogs with long hair or sensitive skin. The soft, Latigo leather is extremely comfortable and prevents rubbing and irritation. Plus, it becomes more supple over time. The brass hardware adds a touch of class and refinement, while the durable leather ensures that the collar will keep its rich natural coloring even through rough wear. Complete the look with the matching Circle T Latigo Leather Dog Leash!


Brass Buckles and Snaps.


Ideal for everyday use. Great for dogs with long hair or sensitive skin.