K9 Explorer Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar

by K9 Explorer

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K9 Explorer® Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar
K9 Explorer® Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar
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  • This adjustable dog collar is sturdy and durable, so you can follow whatever path you're on.

  • Features a handy side-release buckle and a movable D-ring for leash attachment.

  • Features multiple different colors for you to choose from.

  • Reflective stitching helps increase visibility during evening or early-morning walks.

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee.

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K9 Explorer

Perfect for dogs who are always ready to go out and explore

You will appreciate the strong, durable construction on your next adventure with K9 Explorer. Choose the color that matches your outdoor-loving lifestyle.
Keeps dogs safe and improves visibility outdoors with reflective material.Strong, durable construction for secure handling.Rugged, outdoor aesthetic.Multiple leash styles to fit your needs.Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Strong, durable, and reflective

Keep your dog comfortable and safe on your next outdoor adventure with K9 Explorer. The collars, leashes, and harnesses ensure improved visibility with reflective stitching, giving you confidence that you can explore safely. Harnesses feature soft chest pads made with plush neoprene material.

You're an Adventurer

Up for the trek and excited to be able to roam, your dog is energized by the exploration of new territory. They could be a large or small breed, but they aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty. Reflective elements, waterproof materials and durable construction are important considerations to keep your pup in on the adventure. We have what you're looking for.


Let your dog traverse the outdoors safely with the K9 Explorer® Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar! Your dog will be easily visible thanks to this collar's reflective stitching, giving you confidence that you can explore safely. The reflective material is seamlessly woven into the collar's colorful nylon design. The collar's unique gunmetal finish hardware complements your dog's rugged, outdoorsy lifestyle. Its convenient side-release buckle and moveable D-ring make it easy to pair with matching K9 Explorer® Reflective leashes. Plus, the adjustable sizing ensures a secure, comfortable fit. Select the color that best reflects your dog's style!




Ideal for everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

Caroline Roy - May 20 2022


I love the reflective dog collar. Unfortunately, the plastic piece holding the D ring broke, even though the collar is only a few months old. Iâ??m trying to find information on the warranty offered on these products and how to get in touch, but the information is hard to find. At this time, I would not feel confortable recommending the product, even though I love the collar, because of the lack of support.

Annie - Nov 29 2021

5 years and going strong!

I felt compelled to write this review after my dogâ??s 5th birthday recently passed. I bought him this collar when we took him home at 6 weeks old. And it still works like a dream! We live near the beach where sand works its way into every crevice, ruining countless leashes and harnesses over the years. Some leash clips will only last for two trip to the beach before getting jammed. But the buckle on this collar has stood the test of time, through sand, mud, dirt, and saltwater. The colors are still bright and the D ring is sturdy (although the rubber that once held it in place has broken). I canâ??t imagine Cooper ever wearing another collar. Thanks Coastal pet products!

Dominique - Aug 9 2021

So close to perfect!!

We love the sturdy metal clasp and the separate rings for leash & dog tags. However, the rubber piece holding the large D-ring in place broke within a few weeks. We can still use the collar, but very frustrating and disappointing.

Josiah Barton - Feb 14 2021

Buying another!

Iâ??ve had this collar on my dog for the past six years! Iâ??ve always loved the metal clasp and the separate D ring from the tag holder! The rubber piece on the D ring gave out recently but still works. But Iâ??m not mad at it. I canâ??t count how many walks weâ??ve gone on over the past six years. Itâ??s everyday off I have and most days I do work. At least 5 if not 6 times a week. And in six years thatâ??s 312 weeks... so I canâ??t count but I can say that itâ??s been used at least 1500 times.

Robert Marshall - Oct 20 2019

K9 Explorer Collar

Today while bringing my dog to the car to go for a ride he was excited and was pulling. The plastic clip on his collar broke and he got lose. Thank god I could get him in the car without a problem. This collar is less than 1 year old and I'm not happy at all about this. From now on I will never use another collar with a plastic clip.

Jill Cartano - Sep 28 2019

K9 Explorer Dog Collar

These collars are absolutely amazing!! I especially love the metal buckle clasp because I can trust it to not come open unlike plastic which can break. I like the leash hook being separate from the hook for the dog tags and identification. I like the reflective strip running through it as well. I buy this collar for all of my dogs, foster dogs, and my sisters dogs. (12 total) this collar comes in many colors which is great as well...red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange i've purchased them all.

Jared - Aug 20 2019

A very quality dog collar.

I bought this collar for my dog about five years ago and he's worn it nearly every day since. It's amazingly durable. The buckle is super solid and is so easy to release for bath-time. The adjustments are solid and haven't slipped a millimeter since I first fit it to my dog. The stand-up D-Ring for leash and separate hanger for tags are just such thoughtful additions.

Kathleen Stuart - Jul 18 2019

Im conflicted.

This morning when I let my dog out she got her collar caught on a swirly part I have a metal glider chair on our patio. Luckily I was right there when it happened. She was frightened and somehow flipped around causing the collar to get tighter. When I ran over to release the buckle it was jammed. I had to turn the chair on its side and lay her down on it and guide her around the swirl to get her unstuck. Luckily I was right there when it happened. She was frightened and somehow flipped around causing the collar to get tighter. When I ran over to release the buckle it was jammed. I had to turn the chair on it side and lay her down on it and guided her around the swirl to get her unstuck. When my husband got home from work he had to remove the collar with pliers. The collar should not be so hard to get unbuckled. I have three other dogs with the same collar and their buckle is fine.

Zachary Burke - Jun 25 2019

Not a safe collar

This collar is not safe for your dog, the buckle is not secure even when locked and will come undone sometimes. I am not happy with my purchase.

Joanne DeSoto - Jun 3 2019


I loved this collar, right up until the rubber piece holding the D ring broke right off.

Jordan - May 22 2018

Great product

Dont wait. Just buy. best product love them! You will not be disappointed! have bought 3 collars 2 harnesses and 2 leashes. The new gsd pup only a collar so far. our two siberian huskys have had theres for 5 years on one and 3 years the other, one collar not a problem still use just wash. Will never change!

Christine - Aug 22 2017


I have 3 dogs - the newest member is a rambunctious 8 month old shepherd mix - and we love the K9 explorer. I love the color options, the separate d-ring for the leash and tags, and even though the pup chewed his sister's collar off of her (I guess he felt she needed to be freed, although I think it made a good handle by which to get her into a wrestling hold) the collars are so durable and constructed very well. We have these collars on all 3 dogs and I love them!!

Carol - Jul 21 2017

Comfortable and attractive

We purchased 2 of the K9 Explorer reflective collars for our 2 dogs. In less than 9 months the ring where you hang the ID tags has frayed thru and the ring is now off the collar. The only way to continue to use this collar is to hang the ID tags on the D ring. The D ring was great to use without having the ID tags in the way. I would recommend this collar but watch for wear and tear so you won't lose your pets ID tags!!!

Charles - Jan 23 2017

3 dogs, 3 of the best collars. Period

We have 2 dogs, a rescue Golden Retriever Aussie mix, and a Golden Retriever. We also foster a 3rd dog from time to time. These are by far the best collar we have ever purchased. Our Aussie was always figuring how to undo her collar or get out of it. Not these. They lock solid, and last in the water as well. The clip is rock solid and durable. About the review By Patrick that gave it 1 star... Im not even sure how he managed to put it on backwards (twisted.) The buckle slips in (think a seatbelt buckle) and the unidirectional tab wont let it slide in backwards.

Stephanie - Jan 5 2017

Rubber piece that hold the d ring in place.

Just want to say we love the orange collar you make...our chocolate lab Jedi looks awesome wearing it. We've had many people ask where we got it...anyways we can't seem to find a place that sells replacements for the piece that holds the d ring...so we think we may just need to purchase a new one. They aren't cheap but it's worth the money forsure. Is it possible to get a replacement ring cause the collar itself is still in good condition or is there a warrenty some how to get a new one? We also can't seem to find the orange one anywhere...was it limited? We see blue and green...we like Jedi in the orange lol. Thanks for taking the time to read my collar issue lol...look forward to hearing from u. Stephanie Russell

James - Dec 10 2016

World's best collar

This is the absolute best collar I have ever purchased if no other reason than the unique buckle design. I cannot recommend this collar enough.

Pete - Dec 5 2016

Best Dog Collar Money Can Buy

Top quality materials, design, features, fashion and durability. I won't buy any other brand of collar.

Andrea - Jul 9 2016

Keeps falling off

I absolutely love this collar. But my dog keeps losing it in the yard because the buckle isn't very secure. I'm very unhappy about this.

Kelly - May 15 2016

Love them

I have used these collars for apbt, amstaffy, Great Danes, Doberman, Weimaraner, and labs. My 48.2 apbt went through about 30 collars and broke them all before we found this one! My only complaint is that they are impossible to find where I am now... But the campfire orange on my female euro Doberman is perfect 

Kayla harmon - Feb 21 2016

Most amazing collar

If I could give this product 60 stars I would. I bought one for my puppy at 3 months old and at 7 months its time to upgrade to a larger size, I absolutely love the reflective material it makes it much easier to see him at night and I love that the tags are superate from the leash ring. In the whole 4 months iv never had to wash it as it won't hold a smell and my boy is a tracking dog so he is always in the elements. Honestly if you just saw the collar you would swear it was new it still looks so good. I can't wait to get my boy another one. Amazing product that can stand the strength and roughness of a catahoula weimaraner cross.

Zozy Girl - Jan 5 2016

Best Designed Collar EVER!

This collar has so many fantastic features, you can tell its design was well thought out! - The metal buckle is engraveable, so I was able to omit the ID tag. - It has a separate ring next to the buckle for ID tags, so I attach their dog license and rabies tag to it using an EZ Change Dog ID Clip (gunmetal finish would be a nice option for clip, or add to collar standard feature). I love not having their tags on the same D-ring I attach the leash to! - The D-ring on this collar is moveable, so the buckle & ID tags can sit at the front of the neck, while you slide the D-ring to the back or side of the neck closest to you and attach the leash. - They are very durable and washable, and with 6 colors to chose from, each of my 3 dogs have a different color. I have a matching Braided Rope Snap Leash, and Padded Harness (I use primarily as a restraint in the car) for each of them; and the reflective stitching/weaving carries through all 3 pieces. - They are attractive, safe, and very functional! Coastal, if you ever discontinue this line, please make sure all of these features are available on other collars!