Li'l Pals Dog Potty Training Bells

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

Li'l Pals® Dog Potty Training Bells

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  • Measures 27-inches in length, so most dogs can reach it from most doors.

  • The bells jingle to grab your attention and let you know that your dog is ready to go out.

  • Helps eliminate indoor accidents by giving your dog an easy way to tell you when he needs to go outside.

  • The colorful design helps keep the training bells visible for your pup.

  • Helps prevent barking, whining and helps keep your dog from scratching the door.

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Aid in training your puppy with the Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Dog Potty Training Bells. This colorful training tool is designed to hang on a doorknob, allowing your dog to ring the bells when they need to go outside. This not only helps prevent accidents inside your home but also curbs excessive barking, whining, and door-scratching. To get your pup accustomed to the bells, gently jingle them when it's time to take your dog out to do their business. When your furry friend starts using the bells independently, be sure to reward their progress; this reinforcement helps solidify the new habit. Your pup can be taught to use their nose, paw, or even their tail to ring the bells. While it might take a few attempts, once your pup becomes comfortable with the bells, they'll readily alert you when nature calls!


Training puppies and young dogs to potty outside