Li'l Pals Dog Soft Tip Massager

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

Li'l Pals® Dog Soft Tip Massager

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  • Scaled down and made with soft tips for petite pets

  • Works on wet and dry coats

  • Promotes early adoption of proper grooming habits

  • Reduces shedding, distributes natural oils

  • Encourages a stronger bond between owner and pet

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Elevate your dog's grooming experience to a luxurious spa-like treatment with the Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Dog Soft Tip Massager, a versatile two-sided tool. Crafted with gentleness in mind, it caters perfectly to extra-small dogs, making it an ideal choice for introducing your puppy to the delightful sensation of grooming. This specialized brush ensures a tender touch, eliminating any worry of pinching or scratching your furry companion's delicate skin. Beyond its gentle approach, the brush excels at curbing shedding and evenly spreading natural oils, contributing to a lustrously soft and brilliantly shiny coat. Pamper your canine friend while forming a bond from the start with the Li’l Pals® Soft Tip Massager.


To reduce shedding and massage the skin of the dog.