Lil Pals Kitten Embellishment Collar

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

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Li’l Pals® Kitten Embellishment Collar
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  • Breakaway buckle designed to release if collar is caught

  • Smaller sizes and narrow width for kitten comfort

  • Fixed stylish embellishments

  • Adjustable

  • Quality Guaranteed

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Li'l Pals

We know kitten needs

Kittens are big in personality, but their small anatomy creates challenges and specific needs. Coastal Pet is looking out for the little guys with our Li’l Pals brand of products. This includes collars, leashes, harness, toys and grooming tools designed just for kittens.
Designed to safely break away on cats 6 - 8 lbsStart with Li'l Pals products and grow into our other brands, like Safe Cat and SafariEases cats into safe collar and harness habitsCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

It's never too early to create good habits

Just like children, good habits for cats are instilled young! Adjusting an adult cat to a collar can be challenging, so encourage customers with new kittens to invest in a collar from the start. Kitten collars are specially designed for their small anatomy and should be recommended over simply sizing down a collar designed for a full-grown cat. They will stretch or breakaway when worn by kittens 6-8 lbs.

You Love Your Li'l Pal

Small but mighty, they may be a miniature breed, a kitten, or a puppy from a small to medium breed – either way there is big love coming from these little guys. They often have personalities that compensate for their stature. It’s hard to tell who’s the hero and who’s the side kick in your relationship, so to celebrate the little guys, we've given them their own brand of products.


The Li'l Pals Embellished Breakaway Kitten Collar is designed to release if your kitten's collar gets caught. Smaller sizes and an extra-narrow width provide just the right fit for your kitten. 6-8". The fixed embellishments give these collars character, allowing you to show off your kittens fun, funky or slightly formal side. Li'l Pals Adjustable Breakaway Kitten Collars are soft, comfortable and stylish.


Adjustable. Trendy Embellishments.

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