Li'l Pals Comfort Mesh Dog Harness

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

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Li'l Pals® Comfort Mesh Dog Harness
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  • Perfectly sized for small dogs and puppies.

  • Keeps small dogs cool while walking with breathable mesh material.

  • Adjusts for the perfect fit with unique sliders.

  • Easy-to-put-on design great for fussy dogs.

  • Back D-ring provides gentle guidance while walking.

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Li'l Pals

Perfect products for petite pups

Small breeds and young pets offer their own challenges and specific needs. Coastal Pet is looking out for the little guys with our Li’l Pals brand of products. This includes collars, leashes, harness, toys and grooming tools designed just for them.
Easy to use hardware means smaller clasps aren't a problemStart with Li'l Pals products and grow into our other brands, like Styles, Safari or RascalsDon't shy away from embellishments and glitter to show off that big personalityCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Still growing or permanently petite?

Whether it’s a puppy on their way to bigger things or a small but mighty breed, big love comes from these petite pups. To celebrate these fur-real friendships, we've created a brand of products specifically for smaller anatomy. Li’l Pals by Coastal features thinner collars, smaller toys, and easy to use grooming tools, all backed by more than half a century of pet product knowledge and a quality guarantee.

You Love Your Li'l Pal

Small but mighty, they may be a miniature breed, a kitten, or a puppy from a small to medium breed – either way there is big love coming from these little guys. They often have personalities that compensate for their stature. It’s hard to tell who’s the hero and who’s the side kick in your relationship, so to celebrate the little guys, we've given them their own brand of products.


Keep your little dog cool and comfortable on walks with the Li'l Pals® Comfort Mesh Dog Harness! This harness is made with breathable mesh material that prevents your small dog from becoming overheated while walking. Sized specifically for small dogs and puppies, this harness features unique adjustable slides that adjust easily for the perfect fit. You'll love how easy the harness is to put on, even with fussy dogs. Plus, its metal D-ring provides gentle guidance without uncomfortable tugging for safe, care-free walking. Use this soft, lightweight harness on your next walk with your little pooch! When using a harness, it is essential to never leave your dog unsupervised. Our harnesses may be strong but they are not indestructible and should only be used when going on walks before being promptly taken off afterwards.


Breathable Mesh. Perfect for Small Dogs and Puppies. Adjustable.


Perfect for walking small dogs and puppies.

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Customer Reviews

Oliver's Mommy - Jan 25 2023

Only Harness That Fits Our Pup

Our dog was only one pound when we got him at 8 weeks. No harness fit at that time. When he was 1.5 pounds, this xs harness finally fit him and continues to be the only harness on the market that is his size (currently 2.4 lbs at 15 weeks). We love the fit and material of this harness. The only thing we wish was different are the stitching options on the side since we got a blue one for a boy dog. Otherwise, it has been a lifesaver. We are so happy that we got other harnesses from Coastal's Li'l Pals line!!

Marissa A. - Nov 22 2021


We absolutely love our Lil Pals Mesh Harness! My kitty is able to stay cozy and safe while out exploring. Having a harness that makes her feel comfortable and confident is the most important part of our catventurous lifestyle! This harness is easy to put on and take off, and she doesnâ??t mind wearing it for extended periods of time. She even gets excited when I take it out and put it on the floor for her to step into! We highly recommend this product!

NSum - Nov 12 2021

Need a medium

We love the mesh harness in Orchid but the pup is growing out of it. She wonâ??t get especially big - sheâ??s a Havanese. One more size up will probably be perfect. The mesh harness is so soft and we love the color, fit and design.

John KIng - Oct 7 2021


My chihuahua has out grew the petit and now at 6lbs and 13 inch girth has out grown the small. Medium size please,please,please,

Amy Finlayson - Sep 27 2021

Amazing harness for tiny dog

Step-in style with full Velcro closure- that makes it fantastic to grow w your puppy. There is also a clip, and the leash loop is separate so it can stay attached. Material is soft and stretchy, very comfortable, and it sits on the chest- not the throat area. I love this harness for my puppy- sheâ??s worn it since she was 1.5# and she is now 3.5#!

Jill A. - Jan 5 2020

Perfect for my pup

I have a miniature dachshund, and this harness is great for him! It fits, and its easy to hook his leash or chain to the loop. He is comfortable, and I love the colors.

Jennifer - Dec 1 2019

Perfect for toy/teacup puppy!

It took me six harnesses to find this amazing product. She wiggles out of every one and with this... she didnt even try. Perfect fit for my 2 pound Maltichi! She now has all the toys from the Lil pal line and loves them. This harness was perfectly Small enough for her and the adjustable Velcro makes it easier to use as she grows. I understand other reviews asking for a medium size. The other harnesses on the market are no competition to your product. Thank you!

Emily - May 28 2019


I LOVE this harness! It fits my Pomeranian perfectly and is super easy to get on and off. Im with the rest of the reviewers - please make it one more size up (Medium) - you would sell a ton of them!!

Mark & Lisa Ryan - May 1 2019

XS harness

The absolutely BEST lil harness ever!! Our 4lb Lahsapoo is ready for a small harness and cant wait to get the money together to purchase Stoogie his new one. Thanks again!

Bambi Jones - Dec 14 2018

Need larger size

This is the most amazing harness. I also need one size up from the small.

Tracy - Sep 7 2018


I bought these for our two Havapoos. But now I need a medium and you don't make them. Please make larger sizes.

Lissa - Jul 30 2018

Cory & Chad

The small is perfect for my kittens. The velcro closing makes it easy to put on these friskie little critters.

Clarissa - Jul 29 2018

Make more! And bigger than a small too!

Love it! Fits my toy dog!

Amy - Jul 14 2018


I agree with the other reviewers....please make this in the next size. I too am so disappointed. My little 7 lb chihuahua is outgrowing hers, so I went on line to buy the next size, only to find out that they don't make it any bigger. This is the best harness, & only one I could find that fit right. Lola looks adorable in it too. Please make a medium.

Gail D - Jun 3 2018

Desperately need one size larger!

We luckily found your smallest harness (after a few failures) when our Sugar was a tiny puppy. Then she grew into the small size. Now shes full grown and just barely out of the small size. We cant find a decent harness anywhere. They never fit just right like the Lil Pals do. Usually the necks are too large and she can get her bottom jaw in and chew on the harness. PLEASE, for all of us who own small dogs, we need just one more size! You could even call it the Perfect Size because they are definitely the perfect harnesses!!! Thank you!

Char - Mar 18 2018

Make larger size!

I love this haraness so much but my Miniature Pinscher Manchester terrier pup has almost out grown your largest lil pals harness. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if you had the next size up.

Dexters Dad - Mar 17 2018

Love this harness, but Dexter is growing out of it soon :-(

This harness fits our Boston Terrier pup wonderfully and is the best fitting, most comfortable harness of the three he has had so far. There seems to be a gap between 12 and 14 girth for these harnesses to take him to full grown when he will likely fit your other models of quality and comfort dog harnesses. I add my plea to those above to extend this line up to 14 girth with one more size that would let him transition into the smallest sizes of your other models, in comfort, as he grows. Thanks for making great products and please let me know immediately, if you choose to expand this product line in that direction!

Karen Roy - Feb 2 2018

Love love

my 7.2 pound chihuahua as outgrown the small harness. Please make a size medium as I am so happy with the product but we need a tiny bigger harness.

Marie-Eve - Sep 27 2017

J'adore ce modèle pour mes chihuahua (4 femelles et un mâle) mais je l'aimerais mieux en différents motifs ( pattes , os, petits points etc...) et couleurs Unis ex: tout noir, tout bleu marin ou tout gris. Merci! Une de vos fervente cliente

Jennifer - Aug 30 2017

size bigger please

Love the harness but YES, PLEASE make one size up!

Trina K Barr - Jun 5 2017

Highlander cat

Need medium. Please

Rich Griffith - Apr 6 2017

New To Make In Larger Sized

Love this harness, bought it in Maggie an XS but she grew as a puppy at 3 months Now purchased a SM size and it was really too tight for my dog Maggie. Shopping to get it in the next size up and found there was none. :-( Please consider making it one more size up. Maggie is a small dog, but healthy with a 15" girth. Wanted to be a continuous buyer of this product.

ZiggyPandMe - Mar 29 2017

Bigger Please!!! :(

I absolutely love this harness, but I'm in the same boat as others. I wish these came a little bit bigger for my 7 pound Yorkie. I bought one when he was a 10 month old, 3 1/2 pound puppy and he has now outgrown it. I wanted to buy another a little bit larger and they don't make them. It fit great without gaps and I haven't found any others that fit as well since. His girth is 15" and it just barely closes but is really too tight so I can't use it any longer :( He is still Li'l', so maybe the company could make a size a Li'l' bigger?

Summer - Mar 26 2017

Need to make bigger size

Love the harness wish it still fit Hazel. I have tried other harness and Don't like them she can get out of them and they are not as easy to put on as this one was

Gene Street - Jan 15 2017

New To Make In Larger Sized

Love this harness, bought it in PSM size and it was really too tight for my dog Milly. Took it back hoping to get it in the next size up and found there was none. :-( Please consider making it one more size up. Milly is a small dog, but healthy with a 15" girth. Wanted to be a buyer of this product.

Lynn - Dec 30 2016


It took me 10 harnesses to find a one that fit my little 6 pound yorkie but the small is perfect...except that she's about to outgrow her small so i'm with the other ladies....PLEASE make one a little larger than the small. These harnesses really are the only ones that fit small dogs. I can't even describe how all the others gap in weird places and just don't fit right. Come on Coastal.....just make one a wee bit bigger....i'm at the far end of the velcro...LOL!!

Julie S - Dec 8 2016

Best harness

This is truly the easiest and best harness to use. I love it and went to go buy a bigger size for my dog and the store said it didn't come any larger. I'm really disappointed bc this is such a great harness. I was going to go buy one for my parents cairn terrier as well but she is too big for them. Please think about making them in larger sizes.

Bev - Nov 20 2016

Lil pals dog harness

This is the best harness for small dogs! I wish there was more size larger!