Natural Control Training Collar - Additional Links

by Coastal

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Natural Control™ Training Collar - Additional Links

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  • Prevents unwanted pulling behavior

  • Fully adjustable with easy to add and remove links

  • Rounded prongs for a gentler correction

  • Imitates the natural correction techniques of mother dog's

  • Has the approachable appearance of a traditional dog collar

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Introducing the Natural Control® Training Collar – a revolutionary tool that effectively curbs pulling behavior by drawing from the natural correction techniques employed by mother dogs with their puppies. This collar's innovative design is grounded in the concept of emulating canine behavior correction. The rounded teeth of the collar, combined with the martingale function, produce a mild pinching action that acts as an interrupter for your dog's undesirable behavior. This intervention effectively puts a halt to pulling, making walks more enjoyable for both you and your pup. Designed for both durability and comfort, the additional links help adjust the length of the collar for a well-fitting training tool. The interwoven nylon links contribute to a modern and welcoming aesthetic, seamlessly merging style and function. Elevate your training efforts with the Natural Control® Training Collar, harnessing the power of nature-inspired correction to foster a harmonious walking experience while prioritizing your dog's comfort and well-being.


Adjustable. Martingale. No-Pull.