Natural Control Training Collar - Additional Links

by Coastal

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Natural Control™ Training Collar - Additional Links
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  • Prevents unwanted pulling behavior

  • Fully adjustable with easy to add and remove links

  • Rounded prongs for a gentler correction

  • Imitates the natural correction techniques of mother dog's

  • Has the approachable appearance of a traditional dog collar

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Mother knows best

A mother dog teaches her puppies to behave by slightly nipping or pinching their neck when they misbehave. To imitate this natural technique this new training collar features slightly rounded inward facing links designed to mimic the action of a mother dog. The collar lays loose around the neck when not in use, but when tightened it will lightly pinch the dog’s neck so that it understands that it is doing something wrong and stops pulling, barking, etc.
Quickly and effectively prevents pullingA more approachable appearance than traditional prong collarsA nature-based training techniqueSimple to adjust with links that slip on and off easilyCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Research is key

We surveyed dog owners from our pool of more than 90,000 pet owners to find out what's important to them when considering a training collar. Pulling is the #1 issue for 49% of dog owners, but only 69% have never tried a prong style training collar with their dog. But why? It turns out it's not a question of if they work. 36% of dog owners simply think prong collars look scary or seem punishing. When educated on the science, function and use of the Natural Control Training Collar, 76% of the dog owners surveyed would consider using it to help train their dog!

You want Complete Care

Caring for your dog is about the basic essentials of feeding and grooming, but it's also about tackling issues as they arise. Coastal Pet offers an array of solutions for walking, training and safety concerns that help you maintain a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.


The Natural Control Training Collar stops pulling by mimicing the natural behavior correction techniques used by mother dogs with their pups. The rounded teeth of the collar combine with the martingale function to create a gentle pinching action that interrupts a dog's unwanted behavior when engaged. When relaxed, the collar is both durable and comfortable. The interwoven nylon through the links creates a modern and approachable appearance.


Adjustable. Martingale. No-Pull.

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