Rascals 6" Vinyl Jumbo Hamburger Dog Toy

by Rascals

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Rascals® 6" Vinyl Jumbo Hamburger Dog Toy

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  • Perfect for dogs of all ages, from teething puppies to seniors

  • Features an inline squeaker for maximum safety

  • Non-toxic dog toy, designed for hours of playful fun

  • Perfect amount of firmness

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee

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Indulge your furry friend with the Rascals® by Coastal®6" Vinyl Jumbo Hamburger Dog Toy - a delightful choice suitable for dogs of all ages! Expertly designed with the perfect balance of firmness, this toy promises a satisfying chewing experience that promotes good oral health and endless entertainment. Safety is paramount, and the toy is equipped with an inline squeaker, ensuring playtime remains secure and joyful. Our commitment to your pet's well-being shines through, as all our dog toys are crafted from non-toxic materials, guaranteeing worry-free play sessions. Prepare for boundless hours of playful fun as your beloved canine immerses themselves in the joy of the Rascals® by Coastal®Vinyl Jumbo Hamburger Dog Toy.


Ideal for everyday use. Pet must be supervised while playing with toys. If toy becomes damaged, discard immediately.