Safari by Coastal Dog Flea Comb with Plastic Handle

by Safari

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Safari® by Coastal® Dog Flea Comb with Plastic Handle
Safari® by Coastal® Dog Flea Comb with Plastic Handle

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  • Helps detect fleas early to prevent further infestation.

  • Identifies dry, flaky skin to help reduce skin irritation.

  • Perfect for long haired breeds.

  • Contoured to fit in your palm for better control.

  • Easy to use, just start at the head of the dog and brush throughout down to the tail.

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Keep your longhaired dog safe from flea infestations with the Safari® by Coastal® Dog Flea Comb for Longhaired Breeds. This specialized comb is designed to tackle the unique grooming needs of dogs with long hair and help you detect and remove fleas early. Fleas can be a significant nuisance for both dogs and their owners. Detecting and addressing fleas early is essential to prevent further spreading and discomfort for your dog. The bristles of this comb are expertly designed to reach deep within your dog's long coat to pull out fleas effectively. After each stroke, simply dip the comb into a cup of water with mild detergent to remove the captured fleas. Besides detecting fleas, these combs also help identify dry, flaky skin in its early stages. This allows you to apply treatment promptly to prevent further discomfort for your dog. Especially during flea season in the spring and summer, these flea combs are invaluable tools to include in your dog's grooming routine. By using them regularly, you can help ensure a happy and healthy dog.


Flea Removal. Great for Long Hair.


Removes fleas and debris.