Titan Vinyl Comfort Tips for Dog Prong Training Collars

by Titan

Titan® Vinyl Comfort Tips® for Dog Prong Training Collars
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  • Easily add to Titan Prong Training Collars for added comfortable, yet effective correction.

  • Each pack contains 20-24 tips, depending on guage size.

  • Titan Prong Training Collars are electric welded and chrome plated for maximum strength.

  • When used properly, pinch training collars are safe and effective training tools.

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee.

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The Titan Vinyl Comfort Tips for Dog Prong Training Collars can be added for comfortable, yet effective correction. Available in fine, medium, heavy and extra heavy gauges, each pack contains tips to cover each prong in the corresponding collar size. Titan chain is electric welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability. It will not tarnish, rust or break. Chain training collars are safe, effective training tools with proper use. They are not to be used for tie out.


For added comfort and security.

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Customer Reviews

Nash Athletic BodyWorks - Dec 22 2016

Collar to the Rescue

As a LMT/PFT I have trained horses and dogs. I have found that the prong collar are to dogs as a bit is to a horse. It takes an experienced hand that know how to use incorporate gentle hand to what may appear to be an intense tool. I love using this tool for training; especially the big dogs. I love it for training shelter dogs. The big dogs and pups need to be trained for leash manners in a short period of time. The prong collar allows me to achieve my goals in training behavior consequences very efficiently.

Courtney Derr - Feb 26 2016

Great product

I love these comfort tips. I was never a fan of prong collars until I got my foster pup Zena. She is very smart, hard headed, and has some dog on dog aggression. I have raised Amer Staff pit bulls for years now they are my favorite breed. Once I was told by my trainer that she has to have a prong collar because she was nonresponsive to slip collars. I was on the prowl for plastics tips. I finally found these at a "mom and pop" store and I have never been so happy with my prong collar. They allow the same corrective action. Same training commands to be understood and followed through correctly without the fear or injury to my dog. I will be buying more prong collars and plenty for of theses tips in the near future for my other 5 pitbulls. Now only if popular retail chain stores carried them