Macho Dog Double-Ply Dog Collar with Roller Buckle

by Coastal

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Macho Dog® Double-Ply Dog Collar with Roller Buckle

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  • Designed to be durable and extra strong, perfect for extra-large dogs

  • Made from two layers of tough nylon, which reduces stress on the buckle

  • Features metal roller buckle

  • Durable, yet comfortable enough for everyday use

  • Good choice for use with a tie out

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Give your large canine companion the collar that matches their strength and presence - the Macho Dog® Double-Ply Dog Collar with Roller Buckle. Designed for extra-large dogs, this collar is a symbol of robustness and durability. Crafted with two layers of tough nylon meticulously sewn together, its construction guarantees unwavering strength. The middle portion is generously wide, akin to a hound-style design, which not only amplifies the collar's resilience but also minimizes pressure on the buckle, significantly reducing the risk of breakage. If you're a dog parent who relies on tie-outs, this collar is your ideal choice. Provide your mighty dog with the security they deserve, courtesy of the Macho Dog® Double-Ply Dog Collar with Roller Buckle.


Excellent for extra large dogs. Great for use with tie outs.