Macho Dog Double-Ply Spiked Dog Collar with Roller Buckle

by Coastal

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Macho Dog® Double-Ply Spiked Dog Collar with Roller Buckle

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  • Designed to be durable and extra strong, perfect for extra-large dogs

  • Double-ply nylon adds strength

  • Double row of traditional spikes looks cool and keeps your dog's neck safe

  • Features metal roller buckle

  • Good choice for use with a tie out

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Prepare to make a bold statement! Whether you're drawn to the striking aesthetics of a spiked collar or prioritize the safety of your dog's neck (attention livestock dog owners!), our Macho Dog® Double-Ply Spiked Dog Collar with Roller Buckle is the ultimate solution. This collar seamlessly combines style and functionality to meet your diverse needs. Crafted from two layers of robust nylon meticulously stitched together, this collar stands as a symbol of durability. The central section boasts an impressive width, offering optimal support and comfort for your furry companion. To add a touch of edginess and distinction, the collar proudly features two rows of metallic spikes. Whether you're embracing the fashion-forward essence of this collar or seeking to ensure your dog's well-being, the Macho Dog® Double-Ply Spiked Dog Collar with Roller Buckle proves to be a versatile and reliable choice. From urban flair to rural practicality, this collar speaks volumes about your pet's individuality and your commitment to their comfort and safety.


Excellent for extra large dogs. Great for use with tie outs.