Turbo Scratcher Replacement Ball - 2 Pack

by Turbo

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Turbo® Scratcher Replacement Ball - 2 Pack

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  • Replacement balls fit all Turbo® by Coastal® Track assortments

  • Made in USA of high-quality materials

  • Toys encourage cats to be active

  • Turbo® by Coastal® toys offer a way to satisfy the urge to scratch

  • Interactive play stimulates natural urge to hunt

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Extend your cat's playtime indefinitely, even if the spinning ball from their Turbo® by Coastal® track goes astray. With this replacement pack, the joy persists, featuring a pair of Turbo® by Coastal® balls designed to seamlessly integrate into any Turbo® by Coastal® track toy. These USA-made Turbo® by Coastal® replacement balls guarantee prolonged amusement, ensuring enduring usage of Turbo® by Coastal® track toys that effectively captivate, stimulate, and energize feline companions. No longer does playtime need to halt due to a missing ball; these replacement balls act as a steadfast solution, fostering continuous engagement, delight, and activity in your cherished cats. Elevate their experience with Turbo® by Coastal® track toys, and ensure their enjoyment knows no bounds.


Colorful, engaging shapes. Made in America.