Safari Dog Rubber Curry Brushes

by Safari

Safari® Dog Rubber Curry Brushes
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  • Provides a relaxing massage while you brush.

  • Use when his hair is dry to remove loose hair and dirt.

  • Use during bath time to massage shampoo into your pooch’s coat for a deeper, relaxing clean.

  • Gives your pup’s coat a healthy shine.

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee.

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The Safari® Dog Rubber Curry Brushes add sheen to the coat and massage the dog's skin. These dog brushes also help to remove any loose hair or dirt found in the dog's coat.


Adds sheen to the dog's coat and massages the skin.

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Customer Reviews

Ringo and Reba - Mar 19 2021

We didn't know how much we needed this...

This curry brush allows for all of our hair to be removed quickly, painlessly, and easily. It's our new favorite for daily brushing! Even better, we can use it with wet or dry fur. That's pawesome!

Tatianna - Mar 16 2021

Best for bully shedding

We love the Safari curry brush as a regular brush for our bully breed. She has short thin hair, not long enough for the regular grooming brushes. It's rubber tips are soft enough to not scratch her skin and works wonders for shedding season. Makes her weekly brushes like a massage time! Because the Safari curry brush is all rubber, it doubles as a great tool when it comes to shampooing during bathtime!

Anna - Mar 3 2021

Can't live without

The rubber curry brush is our dogâ??s absolute favorite thing in the world. It removes all his loose hair and itâ??s like a spa day for him!

Tom McEwan - Nov 24 2015

Rubber curry brush

I used to breed cats and found your curry brush to beat everything around. I still use it for my two Burmese cats. With your brush, the fur just comes pouring out. I noticed years ago. your brushes were sharper at the points which worked better and brushed our more fur. The brushes now are smoother points, still great but not as good as before. lf I had your business, I would make the points a little sharper, have a different colour, and call them a cat brush. Now you have another product. Heres a picture of the fur coming off my cat sydney. Sorry, I cant find a direct email to your company so I cant put in the photo of him being brushed with loads of fur coming offl

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